Be environmentally conscious and opt for digital control of your swimming pool

Posted by Loku on

The clarion call has been rung around the world for a number of years already. If you have not heard it by now, perhaps you are tone deaf or just plain ignorant or inconsiderate. The seriousness of global warming and climate change cannot be over-emphasized enough. The carbon footprint needs to be reduced on a daily basis. And it no longer falls to those valiant eco-warriors who continue to make a difference in some way or another every year to save the world’s now fragile environment.

It now longer lies with people in authority and those placed in supervisory and managerial positions in the work place to ensure that every aspect of production processes are being carried out and maintained as sustainably as possible, because not even that is enough. So serious is the environmental situation. It now falls with everyone, including you, to help save the environment and reverse the debilitating effects of carbon build-up in the earth’s atmosphere.

Every homeowner has their due responsibility. Homeowners who have the privilege of owning a swimming pool on their property have added responsibilities. Up to now, large expenses and resources were being utilized to maintain pools and keep them clean. Large amounts of energy were needed to maintain and keep power driven apparatus such as pool cleaners running. And the obvious drain on the earth’s precious resources is the use of water.

Now, almost at the switch of a button, pretty much all power consumption and harmful toxins can be eliminated during the required pool monitoring and cleaning processes simply by installing a cost-effective and sustainably driven ecosmarte pool system. As a clue to what this entails, it is very much a part of what we have come to appreciate today as the Internet of Things.